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Elite Results.

In this fast-growing industry experts rely on only the best teams and equipment to keep wind turbine generator operating at its best performance. With highly skilled staff, Wind Worx will personalize a custom solution for your annual maintenance and recycling needs.


With detailed reporting, our team and equipment will ensure communication throughout the process . On-site supervisors and engineers will personalize each project ensuring safety, quality and delivering timely results.

Training & Development

Our highly skilled Field Technicians undergo monthly training refreshers and annual recertification as required by OSHA and Industry standards. The training and development program allows our technicians to grow within the company and continue to enhance Wind Worx’s safety culture, which we continually strive for on and off the job.


Annual Maintenance

Wind Worx Mechanical Engineers specialize in fastening solutions; who will team up with site engineers and our dedicated field technicians to deliver timely and accurate fastening solutions.


Torque Monitoring

Wind Worx has acquired the latest industry-leading equipment with the capabilities to track and record live torque or tensioning jobs. Resulting in minimal downtime and keeping your wind farm to its optimal performance.

Blade Recycling

Our team has engineered a way to recycle fiberglass and mechanical componentry with a goal to keep them out of our landfills.

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