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Cristal Montellano

Cristal Montellano is CEO and Founder of Wind Worx Renewable Services. As a Houston native & proud Texan, Cristal enjoys ice cold sweet tea and riding horses in her downtime. Her passion for nature and the want to leave a more sustainble legacy behind is why she loves wind!

Cristal had a vision to service Wind Turbines as well as lead teams in a more safe and efficient way making that into a reality with Wind Worx. She has brought all her skills and experience from operations, procurement, management and engineering to build the company from the ground up. She has achieved making Wind Worx a one stop services company in the Renewable Industry. From torque, tooling, repairs and blade recycling, Cristal has been able to establish versatile teams to get the job done offering quality, safety and elite results making OEMs happy and staffed.

With her great results we are proud to be the first Latina and Female owned services company. Not only do we work in Texas but Cristal has accomplished servicing the Northern Region as well as some sites in Mexico.

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

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